Lake Howell Internal Medicine

Financial Information

Our practice is in the unique situation of being able to welcome all patients and all health insurance programs with the exception of Medicaid. We participate with all health insurance programs, including Medicare, but in a non-traditional manner. We have adopted a billing system that requires payment at the time that service is rendered; thus, the patient is responsible for the fee on the day of service. At the patient's request, we will electronically process the billing paperwork, and the patient will be reimbursed directly from his or her insurance company.

  1. Upon arrival at the office, we will ask for your insurance card. It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct information if you would like us to electronically submit your claim.
  2. We are not a concierge practice and do not require any sort of annual membership fee.
  3. We will require that the fee generated by the visit be paid in full prior to your departure from the office. Your reimbursement depends upon your individual health insurance contract and will vary according to deductibles, out-of-network fees, copays, etc.
  4. Medicare Patients: This practice is considered "non-par," which means that we follow the fee schedule set up by Medicare, and we process the claims for you at no extra charge. You are responsible for paying the fee at the time of service, but you will normally be reimbursed within 4-8 weeks. (This time frame is completely dependent on Medicare and we have no control over it.) You are reimbursed directly from Medicare and your secondary if you have one in place.
  5. Self-Pay Patients: Our practice is very feasible for self-pay patients as we have low out-of-pocket charges.
  6. Commercial Insurance Patients: Again, our practice is very feasible due to our low charges, particularly for those with high-deductible or "catastrophic" insurance plans.
  7. Medicaid Patients: Because we have no relationship with Medicaid, Medicaid patients function as self-pay patients in our office.
  8. More expensive medical treatments, including referrals, hospitalizations, labs, and X-rays, are always directed to approved providers on your insurance plan and thus are covered by your insurance in the traditional way.
In this complicated and ever-changing health environment, our priority is to provide exemplary, cost-effective care. Adopting the above billing practices has allowed us to meet this goal.


If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately.